Fast Growing and High Paying Careers in Business

Whether you are a recent college graduate, or an experienced professional looking to make a change, an MBA can be extremely useful when making your next career move. The job prospects for an MBA candidate are endless; it can often be difficult to narrow it down to one career path. If you’re considering pursuing an MBA, but have yet to decide on a career, consult our list of fast growing, high paying jobs in the business field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are predicted to be some of the most promising business careers in 2014.

Market Research Analyst
As we approach the height of consumerism, it is no wonder companies are employing experts to research and analyze consumer buying trends. Market research analysts convert complex data into information that companies can use to help them alter their marketing approach to increase sales. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analysts earned a median salary of $60,300 in 2012. The projected job growth between 2012 and 2022 is 32%, which is much higher than average.
Management Consulting
A management consultant provides feedback to companies regarding their business practices. They offer advice on how to cut costs, increase revenues, and improve their overall performance. In 2012, the median salary for management analysts was $78,600 and employment for consultants is expected to grow 19% over the next 10 years.
Marketing Manager
You certainly won’t be hurting for money in this profession. BLS reports that marketing managers earned a median salary of $115,750 in 2012. A marketing manager balances a plethora of responsibilities on a daily basis, and the job description varies among different companies. Generally, they are responsible for working with various departments within a company to carry out successful marketing campaigns.
Financial Analyst
Financial analysts are paid by their clients to provide them with guidance regarding investment opportunities. Analysts study business trends in various industries and develop investment strategies for their clients, advising them when to buy and when to sell certain stocks. In 2012, financial analysts earned a median salary of $76,950.  The employment of financial analysts is expected to grow 16% over the next ten years.
Securing a career in these fields may be difficult, as they are sure to draw in many talented applicants from a variety of backgrounds. Set yourself apart from other candidates by adding an MBA from Georgia College to your résumé. We know you’re busy so we offer our program online, where you can complete the coursework at your own convenience and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Check out our website today and if you have any questions, give us a call at (478) 445-5115. We can’t wait to help you make your next move.

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