Happy MBA graduate standing in front of desk at dream job.

How To Land Your Dream Job

Do you have a job interview coming up soon? Whether you plan to pursue a new opportunity, continue at your current place of work, or establish your own company, successful interviews with others are the key to making a career change. Read on for a few tips on how to ace the interview and make a terrific impression:
1. Do Your Research
Before meeting with a company’s representative, research the organization.
– Speak with past or current employees, and if possible, familiarize yourself with your interviewer.
– Be sure to update yourself on relevant news, events, and past and upcoming projects.
– Review the website and prepare for the most commonly asked questions.
2. Set the Tone
It’s up to you to convey that this job was meant for you.
– First impressions are important. Start out with statements about why you want the position and why you think you’d be the ideal fit.
– Answer the most important questions before they are asked. Your research on the organization should make this process easier.
– Always ask insightful questions.
3. Be Confident
Confidence is critical component of the “first impressions” package and can be sensed from across a room.

– Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Show enthusiasm, interest, and capability to perform the mission at hand.
– However, be sure to check your self-confidence so it doesn’t come off as arrogance.
– Good posture and a relaxed, professional demeanor go a long way.
4. Provide Real Examples
Employers don’t want someone who only looks good on paper.
– Clear, specific stories are what will differentiate you from other candidates.
– Employers want someone who can solve problems and think critically.  Any experiences you share during your interview should highlight precisely that.
5. Be Natural
While it’s important to highlight your strengths, it’s never acceptable to pretend to be what you aren’t.
– Do not make up past experience. You will be found out.
– Interviews are like dates, some end up a perfect match, others, you’d rather not see again. Don’t try to fit a mold that isn’t right.
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