Wanted: MBAs in the Healthcare Industry

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA, has led to a massive overhaul in the healthcare industry, as we know it.
With health coverage now required for every citizen, the demand for new providers, practices, services, and other healthcare entities is evident. Thus, attaining a Master’s degree in the healthcare industry could give you the knowledge you need for that next career jump.
There are several positions in healthcare popping up around the country where your skills, and your new degree, are needed! Check out some of the following below:
Specialty-care clinics have an urgent need for coordinators in human resources, financing, accounting, planning, and marketing. As the population gains more control over their healthcare decisions, coordinators at these clinics require a substantial level of business acumen, often attained through an online MBA, to support great customer relationships and quality care.
Information technology professionals are in high demand with the growing concern and privacy laws surrounding electronic medical records. Creating and operating online portals requires a different skillset than the traditional knowledge of physicians and doctors.
Healthcare management is an area that those with an MBA can certainly excel at. Decisions in budget, faculty, and marketing are often the largest challenges facing an organization. Possession of an MBA conveys that you have the skills needed to meet the responsibilities of superior leadership and management.
The demand for care itself has steered administration to identify ways to improve standards of patient care while reducing costs. Many people are realizing that those with previous business experience are now the most prepared to solve these problems.The size and complexity of many healthcare organizations allows MBA graduates to work not only in upper management, but also throughout the entire organization.
The Georgia WebMBA® at Georgia College can provide you with the skills and education necessary to meet the demands of this rapidly shifting industry. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make an investment in your future. Begin your application today at www.makeyournextmove.org.

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