Georgia College Ranks Above Online Courses

Massive open online courses are popping up everywhere. These courses, or MOOCs, range in topic from western political thought to computational investing. MOOCs are hosted by hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. There are no requirements to join. They are free, open, and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
Despite the prevalence, wide-reaching subject matter, and few obligations of these courses, a 2014 Harvard/MIT study concluded that more than 95 percent of enrolled students did not complete them. The most common reason mentioned for dropping out was that there was no teacher engagement.
Also an online educational tool, the Georgia WebMBA® at Georgia College differs from these courses in a few significant ways:
Our programs are structured. 
Our course organization allows for engaged, focused discussion and feedback from professors and peers. Tuition funded, each of our courses have a specific beginning and ending design with detailed expectations. We create opportunities for progress assessments and intensive problem solving.
Our programs utilize supportive technologies.
We value the learning process and use tuition dollars to fund, utilize, and improve the tools needed for effective teaching and learning. Supportive technologies ensure that your needs are met, whether that be via interactive software such as two-way text, whiteboards, audio, or video.
Our programs are personable.  
With regular teacher engagement and oversight, the curriculum is delivered personally and with accuracy. Our programs emphasize theory comprehension and mastery of concepts, rather than simply getting an answer. We make the process as easy as possible.
Our programs integrate real-world exchanges.
Group projects, scheduled and delivered with your peers are to be expected. Students have a lot to learn from face-to-face interaction. Interpersonal relations are a critical skill in business. So although the WebMBA is a primarily online curriculum, real-life interactions are integral to the learning experience.
Our programs are rigorous.
Our online program is as challenging as our classes on campus. The program places heavy demands on both faculty and student time and attention.
Massive open online classes are great for background or an introduction to an unfamiliar field. They deserve credit for sparking student experimentation and curiosity, yet student engagement with these programs is often low. They do not support a personal link between students, peers, and leadership. Like a reference material, MOOC engagement offers few advantages from browsing YouTube or reading a web-based book. Most importantly, MOOCs don’t end in degrees, and your participation likely will not directly translate to a higher paying position.
If you are interested in participating in an online program that combines text materials, case studies, and team projects and assignments, consider obtaining the Georgia WebMBA® at Georgia College. Learn more about our programs here.

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