Web MBA Tips for Success

It’s hard to stay current and aware of changing computer trends. We want to look at how technology can help you work towards your Web MBA. Since you are working remotely, here are a few suggestions to keep you organized and guide you towards success.
1) An external wide-screen monitor will increase your efficiency and enable you to extend your research with multiple tabs, creating spreadsheets, keeping several windows visible and suffering less strain on the eyes. Also, less scrolling! Monitors have become much cheaper now and are more widely available. A basic laptop can limit the scope of your work.
2) Protect yourself by backing up your files on a regular basis. Your hard drive can crash when you least expect it and wipe out a bunch of your work. There are plenty of online backup providers out there, and you want to make sure to pick the right one. You will have to consider storage space and cost as well. Check out your options right here.
3) One way to avoid isolation while doing an online degree is to sign up for Google Hangouts. All you will need is a webcam and a microphone; then you can chat, connect, and exchange ideas with other students at any time. You can also share your screen and record meetings. And it’s free.
4). Computer viruses can sneak into any of your devices whenever they like so it’s crucial that security software be installed on all of them. There are far too many to pick from, but this link will take you to the top-rated antivirus software providers so you can make the right choice.
5) BibMe allows you to build bibliographies, create citations, and acknowledge the work of other people in a professional, ethical manner. It automatically formats whatever you need. It’s quick, easy, and free.
In the coming weeks we will be sharing more tips on how best to approach your WebMBA studies. Stay tuned.

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