How to be a Great MBA Student

You did it!
You submitted the transcripts, took the tests, finished the application, and got accepted. Congratulations! You’re finally an MBA student. Soon you’ll start your journey towards your MBA with Georgia College’s online program.

But What Now?

Do you know what to expect, how to get yourself prepared, or even know what classes you’ll be taking? Fear not. Below, we’ve assembled some handy advice to help get you ready to start your graduate career with Georgia College.

Have a Comfortable Place to Do Your Work

One of the coolest parts about pursuing the Web MBA is that you don’t have to step foot inside a classroom. However, you definitely want to have a private, quiet space available to do your work when the time comes. Having a clean and organized space helps you avoid distractions. If you’re having a hard time concentrating at home, check out places in your neighborhood. Most major chain restaurants, libraries, and coffee shops offer free wi-fi and, depending on the location, quiet working spaces.

Manage Your Time

Knowing how to manage your time properly is just as important to your success in your graduate courses as it was in your undergraduate courses. Keep a calendar (digital or physical) around with all of your assignments and due dates. With all these deadlines in mind, it’s a lot easier to set aside time for studying.

Reach Out to Your Classmates

Since you won’t be in a physical classroom, interacting with your classmates in an online course is more difficult, but equally important. Besides email, there so many other ways to reach out to your fellow students. Sites like Facebook, Google+ Hangouts, and Google Docs are all efficient ways of asking questions about coursework or communicating about group projects.

Connect with Your instructor

Emailing an instructor you’ve never met in person before can be intimidating, but it’s worth it. Your teachers are there to help you succeed, but you’ll never get the help you need if you don’t ask for it. If you don’t understand an assignment or need clarification on a certain chapter, reach out to your instructor and ask a question that’s clear and concise. Trust us when we say you’ll be glad you asked.
Now you’re all set for your online classes. With this advice, a good work ethic, and a can-do attitude, you’ll be on your way to that MBA.

Why Businesses are Going Digital

Since you’re on your way to pursuing Georgia College’s Online MBA, you probably recognize and understand the importance of going digital in the world of business. Whether it’s in advertising or social media, most major companies and businesses are fighting to have a significant presence in the digital realm. But why? Is it really worth it to spend time and money online? Read below and see some of the top reasons why businesses are making the move into cyberspace.
Target Your Audience
Moving your business into digital space allows for greater control over the dissemination of a message. For example, previously, a company could post one general Facebook status or tweet that would be spread across the globe in a matter of seconds through a retweet or share. While this message would likely be seen by millions online, it might be overlooked by the same audience you wanted it to reach. Now, by using tools built into these platforms, companies are able to target posts so that they reach certain demographics. This makes their messages more effective and their money better spent.
Get the Data You Want
One of the benefits of going digital with your business is that most platforms have ways of gathering data and analytics. This way you can see if your online strategies are working in real time. For example, setting up a company website with Google Analytics allows you to see how many people are visiting your page and even how long they stay there before exiting. Twitter and Facebook also have built in analytics systems that can help track various types of data. Why is this information important? Mainly because it allows you to see who your audience is, find out what messages they respond to, and retarget your tactics and strategies based on those factors.
Let Your Audience Find You
According to a Digital Influence survey, at least 89% of consumers use search engines to research a product, service, or business before making a purchase. This means it’s worth it to have an attractive website, and invest time into search engine optimization so that it’s easier for your targeted audience to find your business, and the products or services they’re looking for.
Bringing Your Brand to Life
If you go on Twitter and pay attention to the tweets of Denny’s, Hamburger Helper, or Taco Bell, you’ll notice the huge personality that comes across for these brands in just 140 characters. Not only are their messages hilarious, receiving tons of retweets and favorites daily, but they promote the brand in a way that audiences love. Social media users are able to interact directly with their favorite brands, professing their love for certain products or asking questions about the company itself. The more comfortable consumers become with these interactions, the more likely they are to be loyal to the brand in the future.