Dr. Karl Manrodt featured in 24th Annual Study of Logistics & Transportation Trends

We are proud to announce that our very own Dr. Karl Manrodt was a panelist at the 24th Annual Study of Logistics & Transportation Trends on Sept. 24th.

The excess transportation capacity during much of the recession enabled shippers to negotiate substantial reductions in transportation rates ushering in a “cost savings addiction”. The webcast focussed on how carriers and shippers are teaming up to break the “cost savings addictions”.

The research team reported an important step in the road to recovery: Shippers and carriers need to admit that there’s a problem and invest in building a more strategic partnership.

During the Webcast, the panel revealed findings from our Annual Study including:
– The percentage of freight dollars currently spent by mode over the past 12 months
– Critical steps carriers and shippers need to take on the road to recovery
– How shippers can partner with carriers to become a “shipper of choice”

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Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media is one of the most powerful forces in modern marketing. However, not every site is best for every business-marketing venture. The rise of social media sites has led to a large number of sites vying for your attention, but spreading your marketing time and budget too thin can leave you with little time and attention to the sites that really matter.

Understanding Demographics

The biggest mistake that social media marketers can make is to concentrate their efforts on the wrong sites. The best way to understand which are best for your business is to know your target demographics and the demographics of the site you want to use. For example, Pinterest users are overwhelmingly female. A full 85 percent of Pinterest users are female, and more than 40 percent of all adult women in the U.S. use the site. If your demographic is young men, concentrating your marketing efforts on Pinterest will be a waste of resources.
More Americans use Facebook, and it is more evenly distributed among men and women. However, its average age of users skews younger than with Pinterest. To understand which sites to use, take a look at the average age, income and gender of your customer base and compare them to the leading social media sites. 

Different Formats

In addition to the demographic differences, there are also differences in the formats that social media sites use. Instagram is a highly visual site that allows people to post pictures with captions. If your business is not one that would be best served by frequent visual images, another site may be better. If you want to communicate many times a day through short messages, Twitter is perfect. If you don’t have enough time for multiple messages, Facebook may be best. 

Advertising on Social Media

Most social media sites today offer paid promotion services. These social media ads can help amplify the message you’re pushing out on your social properties as well as help grow your following. However, it’s also possible to create a message that reaches your account’s followers organically. While this is clearly a less expensive option, it does require you to have a lot of people following your account in order for your messages to be seen by a large audience. You may decide to use paid advertising when your account is newer in order to bring up your number of followers. Then, you can use the sites to promote your message for free. 

Which Website Builder Is Best?

When entering into an online graduate program, it is imperative that students be prepared to impress their professors and potential employers with a well-put-together website; one that includes their resumes, portfolios, and an “About Me” section that gives a thorough detailing of their backgrounds. Although building a website may sound a bit difficult, with today’s technological advancements the involved processes are greatly simplified and many sites are hosted free of charge. Here’s a closer look at your website options and their pros and cons.
Wix provides you with a variety of designs and layouts to choose from. This website builder is also compatible with thousands of third-party apps, meaning you can easily add them to your site for a truly unique experience. Also, unlike many other website builders, Wix allows you to move elements to wherever you want them, allowing you to customize your pages exactly how you want.
A downside to Wix is that once you’ve chosen a template for your website, you must stick with it. You can of course change the design of the template, but the template itself cannot be replaced. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have access to the source code, meaning you can’t edit the CSS or HTML that’s associated with your website.
Weebly is known for being much more ecommerce-friendly than Wix. This drag-and-drop site simplifies the website building process, and best of all, there’s a free option to take advantage of. The free-of-charge package even comes with unlimited pages and the ability to sell up to five products.
The only downside to Weebly is that you will have to pay to access the platform’s many available features and options. To secure a domain name that isn’t attached with the “.weebly.com” you’ll need to invest in a paid package.
WordPress is simply amazing because you can use the website builder for many purposes, including building sites, blogs, ecommerce shops, and much more. There are literally thousands of templates to choose from as well as just as many plug-ins. If you have a specific look that you’re going after, WordPress more than likely has a template to meet your specific preferences.
On the downside, WordPress is well known for having a few cons. These cons usually specifically relate to the lack of flexibility that the site offers, meaning it’s better used for small websites. Also, it’s suboptimal for SEO. If you’re looking to build a company that benefits from SEO strategies, then WordPress isn’t for you. As a student looking for a job, you should be keen on SEO.
Unlike WordPress, Squarespace does allow you to optimize your site using SEO tactics, including within the titles and descriptions; this is paramount to your site’s success if you’re selling items. It also means that you’ll enjoy higher SERPs, which is paramount to employers coming across your portfolio and resume when searching online for job candidates.
You will have to pay to use the Squarespace platform to host your own site, and unless you invest in the business package, you will be limited to the number of pages you can create, which can be a hassle if you have a large portfolio.