Student gets published in Inbound Logistics

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Our second year MS student, Charlie Fiveash, wrote a great article in the September issue of Inbound Logistics called “What’s in Your Warehouse?”. He covers the latest ways to optimize proficiency in distribution facilities. His analysis is on page 66. Check it out! 
We wanted to congratulate Mr. Fiveash on his accomplishment and thank him for his generous comment after being published in Inbound Logistics. 

“Without the teaching and inspiration I’ve gained in GSCU’s MLSCM program, the opportunity to write for Inbound Logistics would have never transpired. I’m grateful for the confidence I’ve been afforded through the program to pursue new opportunities like this one.”

Mr. Fiveash is employed by Lavista Associates, Commercial and Industrial Realtors; title is Principal. He has been active in Atlanta commercial and industrial real estate brokerage since 1987. Check out more of his resume here.

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