What to Do to Prepare to Apply to our MBA Program

Making the decision to apply to an online MBA program is a big step and, like all big steps, it takes some preparation before you move forward. Once you make the decision to apply, here are some suggestions of how to prepare.

Getting Accepted

Students who apply to the online MBA program are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, take the GMAT or GRE equivalent, or substitute previous professional experience. Median GMAT scores currently for accepted students are 530.

Preparing Mentally

You have taken the first step, making the decision to go back to school. School is a commitment that will net you a better education and a more lucrative career in the future. Prepare yourself mentally by focusing on how you will organize your time as a student. You will need enough time to study as well as time to work your current job. By scheduling your time ahead of schedule, you will be ready when school begins.

Preparing Financially

Working and going to school is a challenge, however, many motivated students have met this challenge and gone to improve their careers in their chosen fields. As long as you manage your time effectively, and budget accordingly, you will find that you can meet the agenda for each course. Your current employer may have a college reimbursement program. If not, you can apply for financial aid through our office. You may find other sources for financial aid through community organizations, religious institutions or business organizations.

Family Support

Going to school does affect the entire family, and it is a good idea to discuss your schooling with your family before you begin. Explain what the MBA will give your family in return for the investment in time and money.

Preparing for the Workload

Going to school does necessitate a change in workload. You will spend the equivalent in time that you would for any college class, approximately three to four hours studying for each classroom hour. The big advantage for online education is that you can take the class and do the studying at your own pace and time schedule. As long as you put the time aside on your schedule, you will have no problem meeting program requirements.
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