What to Expect in Your First Year

Now that you have made the decision to go to business school to get your MBA, what can you expect while you are there? Getting a graduate degree is not the same as undergraduate learning. For anyone starting their first semester as an MBA student, here are some suggestions to make it easier.

Keep Your Mind Open

Although you have probably chosen your specialty before you applied, keep an open mind. You may learn while you are at school that you find other areas in business more interesting. School is the place for experimentation in your field, and a great place to try new areas of interest. Take the opportunities given to explore potential career moves.

Get to Know Your Professors

Professors are great resources for ideas and experience. The online Logistics program, directed by Dr. Karl B. Manrodt, is comprised of some of the most brilliant and engaging minds in the logistics and supply chain management field. Our professors have taught and lectured worldwide, in addition to authoring books, nationally published articles, and hundreds of reports on subjects within the discipline. With the guidance and teachings of these professionals throughout your online courses, you’ll be prepared for this competitive, high-growth job market.

Waive Core Classes

If possible, see if you can get core classes waived by testing out of them. Often your work experience has provided you with the basic knowledge you need to waive a core class. This waiver allows you to get into the meat of the program, exploring electives and areas that are new to you earlier in your tenure. Spend as much time as possible digging into the array of electives offered for a chance to gain extra knowledge in a niche area. This knowledge can be the key to finding a unique career in your company or your field.

Participate in Online and Offline Events

The more you put into your MBA program, the more you will get out of it. Look for lectures, speakers and guests for a chance to learn a unique take on any given topic. Many of the speakers that you can hear during your school career would cost a bundle outside of the university setting.  Take advantage of any extracurricular programs that are offered to enhance your classroom education.
For more information and to learn more about the MBA program, watch this video.