The Importance of Diversity in MBA Programs

As the world’s economy becomes increasingly global, the need for experience with diversity becomes crucial. Even if your regional area is not diverse, the fact is that most companies are multi-national or deal with customers and vendors from other parts of the world. Learning to work with a diverse group of people from different cultures can be a critical factor in your future career.

Diverse Cultures

Even people within the same country, and often the same city can have a wide range of cultures, experiences and opinions on any given topic. These differences can create friction among groups of co-workers if not handled properly which can lead to failures in the workplace. Learning to take advantage of people’s differences in order to build a stronger team is beneficial to any group within a company. With the right training, management can direct a diverse team to generate a multitude of creative solutions to any problems or challenges that occur.

Language Barriers

A large issue that occurs when working with global companies is the language barrier. This issue becomes crucial when working with customers and vendors from different countries or regions. It is easy for a misunderstanding to occur due to the language barrier, which can be a costly problem. Learning to speak clearly without idioms and confirming understanding between parties speaking more than one language is crucial in a global economy.

Management Issues

Managing teams of culturally diverse people is both challenging and rewarding. A good manager needs to understand the potential hot buttons, points of contention and head off any communication problems. By learning to manage a diverse team, you gain valuable knowledge that leads to a range of opportunities in your future career. Additionally, you can train others to manage diversity thereby building a stronger company along the way.

Valuable Asset

Understanding diversity and how diversity can impact a company both positively and negatively is an asset that you can bring to any company. Your career potential will gain more traction with the knowledge and experience of working with a diverse team, knowing the issues that can occur and how best to take advantage of the unique knowledge that a diverse team can bring to a business situation.
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