5 Workplace Programs You Should Be Proficient In

It is pretty much impossible to work in any office setting if you don’t have basic proficiency in workplace programs that are widely used. Knowing these programs is considered to be a given when you are hired, and if you don’t know how to use them, you can find tutorials and classes online and offline. Many programs are set up in similar ways, and you will find that you gain confidence as you learn them. To start out, here are five workplace programs that you should be proficient in.


There is more to Google than the search engine, although you definitely should know how to use that as well. Google has a lot of programs that are helpful for businesses including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.
Gmail is an email program that is pretty simple to set up and use. If you know how to use Gmail, you can transfer those skills to other email programs.
Google Calendar is an online calendar that can be used on your desktop computer and connects to your phone’s calendar. You can make the calendar private or public, and embed into a website. The calendar is a very useful tool and pretty easy to operate. You can book appointments, schedule meetings, and add to-do lists.
Google Drive is a little more difficult to learn, so it is better to learn the other programs first. Then you will feel comfortable with the Google interface, and how to get in and out of its different programs. Google Drive is an online cloud storage system, a filing cabinet per say, which you can use to store and share files.


DropBox is similar to Google Drive in that it is a storage site for images, videos, and files. Once you learn Google Drive, you should have no trouble learning DropBox. DropBox is used slightly more often than Google Drive and is very compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Along with saving files in a cloud-based server, you can invite other people to interact with your files. However, there is a maximum storage size of 5.5 GB on DropBox.


Basecamp is project management software that helps teams work together on a project. It allows a team to keep all of the notes, conversations and files for a project in one single place for access and discussion. A team leader can follow up on each member of his or her team to ensure that a project is flowing together the way it should.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a group of office programs that include Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and PowerPoint. Microsoft Word is a word processing program. Excel is a spreadsheet program. OneNote is for taking and keeping notes. Outlook is an email program, and PowerPoint is for creating slides. The most important program to learn in this group is Word, but all are widely used.


Skype allows people to chat and call each other anywhere in the world for free. You can even have video calls. It is simple to operate and while the connections are not always optimal, it is still the best way to connect with people for free.
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