What is the Best Type of Personal Computer for Working in a Business?

Whether you work for yourself, for a small business or in a large corporation, often the type of personal computer you use is up to you. Depending on what type of work you do, you may already have a preference for a type of computer. If you are just starting out in business, selecting a computer that will stand up to daily wear and tear, travel easily and have the memory and speed you need is an important choice. Here are some considerations when selecting your next personal computer.

Working at Home

Working at home has become more popular as Wi-Fi and internet access has improved. If you work at home exclusively or part-time, having a computer that is easy to carry and set up just about anywhere is an important factor in choosing a computer. Some business people find a standard desktop in their office and a laptop or tablet for mobile use is an ideal pairing. If you need a full computer, but prefer a tablet experience, Microsoft Surface Pro computers are a good choice. They are tablets that have the full capacity of a regular laptop, including the ability to download full versions of programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel using a separate drive. You can get an optional keyboard to attach to these computers.
If you prefer a laptop or netbook, you can find computers in a range of prices depending on how much memory you want and processor speed. Several companies offer affordable choices such as Dell. Dell will give you pretty much anything you need in a laptop customized to your usage. The MacBook comes in several options including a new thin version that only weighs 2 lbs. When making your selection, think about where you will use the computer, how much memory you use regularly with your programs and how much you will carry your computer or tablet from place to place.

Working in the Office

If you work in your office exclusively, then you will most likely prefer a desktop computer. The same factors of memory and speed apply here. However, you are not limited to working with a small screen; therefore you can select computers with larger monitors. You can also find keyboards that are more ergonomic to use if you sit at a desk for several hours a day. Depending on if you work with visual components or data, your monitor can be a big factor in your selection. The iMac comes with different monitor sizes with superb retina displays for great image editing and production. If you prefer a PC, you can find a lot of choices in all-in-one packages such as the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 300-23ISU, HP Pavilion AIO 23-q251 or Dell Inspiron 24 i7459-7070BLK. Or you can build your own computer set up from preferred components.

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