Best Ways for Brands to Communicate on Social Media in 2016

Social media marketing is similar to communicating with customers in person, but in a digital world. Many times you meet people who then introduce you to their friends who then become your friends and biggest advocates. Social media marketing has a similar impact, although it uses more straightforward marketing techniques than one-on-one introductions. When using social media, the goal is to find the social media channel where your target market gathers, build an audience, and engage them so that they will visit your website. This concept is the same as person-to-person communication except that it is done on a larger scale. The larger scale provides the ability to amplify your message and the possibility of becoming viral, a way to describe widespread sharing of your message by consumers themselves.

Finding Your Audience

The first step is to truly understand your target audience and where they spend their time online. Once you identify your ideal audience, interview someone who fits in this audience to understand what social media sites they like and how they interact with brands online. Narrow the social media sites you will use to around three at first. You can start to add more once you gain a clear grasp on the cadence of posts and tone of your message.

Marketing on Social Media

Each site has a specific audience, style of posting, and analytics to communicate and track your message. Start your campaign on one site so that you can test its effectiveness. The best way to stand out is to offer exciting news, images, and videos related to your products and services. You can market through giveaways, quizzes, and links to engage your audience. Take the time to learn how each social media site works and how to present your brand in the best way that stays true to you.

Using Color

Most social media sites use images to pique interest. Focus on using colors that stand out such as yellow, red, and orange for special announcements. Use your branding on each post in some way to help your audience identify your posts in their feeds. If used consistently, people will recognize the logo and brand colors over time. Additionally, style can become an identifying factor. Many companies use a stylistic approach to their photos to help their audience find them.
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