How to Get Your Resume Ready for Your Dream Job

young man holding resumes
No matter what job you are striving toward, it is important to have a resume ready when you apply. Resumes are the one item universally accepted by HR directors in every industry to help categorize applicants. Your resume does not have to be fancy, written in a specific font, or on specific kind of paper to get noticed. It does need to be clearly organized with complete information and easy to read.

Resume Basics

There are some basic rules to writing resumes that you should comply with if you want yours to be seen. These rules are:
–Organize your resume in a fashion that makes sense at a glance. The most common organization is chronological, but you can organize by function or a combination of the two.
–Leave enough white space for your text to stand out.
–Use a font that is easy on the eyes. Times New Roman is the most traditional.
–Use white or off-white paper.
–Bold or separate previous job titles to make them easy to find.
–Ensure that your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Advanced Resume Tips

Various industries have specific resume standards. Research industry standards before applying with your resume. It is not difficult to adapt your resume to your industry’s standards. You can have several variations of your basic resume with style preferences for that industry.
If you are not sure where to begin, search Google for resume templates and start with one or more templates for your industry. This list of resume templates is a good place to start. You can get all of the information you need free from the internet or your local library.
If you know a person who currently works in the industry you plan to work in, ask them to look over your resume for you. They can offer insider tips that you cannot get online.
And this can’t be said enough: Make sure your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Have someone edit it after you have reviewed it and put it through spell-check.

Common Resume Mistakes

Monster has a list of common resume-writing mistakes that you should look for when writing your resume. The worst mistake is using incorrect contact information. After all, how can someone hire you if you do not give them the correct way to contact you? Triple-check your resume content before passing out your resume or putting it online.