Great Resources to Turn to When Running a Small Business

woman small business owner at counter
When running a small business, you’ll probably find yourself needing to wear a lot of different hats. Developing skills in such a wide variety of disciplines can be challenging, so take the time to seek out useful resources that will help you stay on top of your game while avoiding mistakes.
The Small Business Administration
The SBA is full of resources to help small business owners. The website has sections about writing your business plan, hiring employees, business laws, and more. Take a look through the site to find out what it can teach you about the small business tasks you have to take care of.
Your Local Chamber of Commerce
One of the first things to do when you’ve started a business is to get in touch with your city or county’s chamber of commerce. These organizations offer many resources for small businesses including marketing help and advice for doing business in your area. They also hold networking events throughout the year that will help you meet other business owners and potential customers in the area. In addition to information on your local chamber’s website, check out the resources on the U.S. Chamber site.
U.S. Department of Labor 
Small businesses come with countless regulations. In addition to your state and local regulations, federal laws affect all businesses. By looking at the DoL resources, you can find out about the laws that pertain to your specific business. You can also print out any posters that you are required to display within your company.
Take Free Online Courses
There are a wealth of free courses available online. Many are available through downloadable videos. These courses can teach you everything from formulating your business to taking care of its finances to marketing it to your target audience. Many top colleges, even Ivy League colleges, offer anyone the chance to audit classes online for free. Just choose your courses and sign up to attend the class from home without those hefty tuition payments.
Take Advantage of Websites Catering to Entrepreneurs
Many sites are full of information for small business owners, and they are free to use. Sites like and are updated daily with the latest business information you need. Even sites like The Huffington Post have robust business sections that can be priceless for small business owners. To get the specific business information you’re looking for, consider creating a Google Alert to get a daily list of new business articles that concern you. The SCORE website is another great resource for small business start-ups.
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