How to Balance All Your Summer Responsibilities

Summer! The season of warm weather, long evenings, and plenty of time off to do whatever you want, right? Maybe as a kid summer was the season of having extra time to yourself to lay around, watch TV, or head to the beach, but as an adult, it is rare for a summer season to come with so little to do.
Summer: Balancing Work and Fun
For working parents, the summer season takes on a whole new meaning. Rather than the season of relaxation, having to figure out how to manage your work and class schedule on top of now managing your out-of-school children makes the summer months even more stressful than the rest of the year. The trick to finding time to yourself this summer is finding ways to manage your to-do list so that you are balancing all of your summer responsibilities.
Here are a few tips to help you with time management:

  • Create a command center in your home where you and your family can coordinate everything that is going on in one place. Post a calendar of the month and have everyone schedule their events on the wall. Include camp dates, doctor appointments, vacation dates, class due dates, and other important work information all in one central location so everyone can see what is going on.
  • If you aren’t already using one, summer is a great time to get a planner. For starters, most academic calendars start in July, so it is easy to start a new planner during the summer months. Secondly, planners are a great way to manage everything, from your homework to your grocery list.
  • Use your phone for regular alarms and reminders. Manually writing your to-do list can be useful, but in the age of technology it makes sense to take advantage of the tools already in your hand. Set alarms for important dates and write to-do lists that will remind you of what you need to know when you have time to think about it.

Once you reach the crux of adulthood, it is hard to find a day, let alone an entire season of time, that is just for you. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of the perks of the season all the same. The days may still be 24 hours long, but summer days come with extra hours of sunshine that make the days feel longer. Try taking advantage of those extra sunny hours and push your energy level to the max by tackling your to-do list this summer.
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