Dr. Karl Manrodt Featured in Podcast Discussing Future of the Transportation Industry

Dr. Karl Manrodt starred in an episode of the podcast “2 Babes Talk Supply Chain.” This podcast interviews top professionals in the supply chain industry to inform audiences everywhere on the latest trends in this enterprise.
The podcast opens with a discussion of the changes that the transportation industry has witnessed. Dr. Manrodt defines the crossroads that transportation finds itself in and later examines why the industry should focus on the needs and satisfaction rates of their customers, as competing companies like Amazon have. The hosts and Dr. Manrodt also talk about the new projects of these competing businesses and how they have impacted the entire industry, specifically focusing on Amazon Prime Now’s two-hour delivery service. The conversation concludes with a discussion about additional areas of the supply chain that he will be focusing on for future research.
If you would like to listen to the full podcast, click here. For more information on the Georgia WebMBA, please visit here.

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