Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Small Business

New business owners need to be budget conscious when promoting a small business. Therefore, many traditional ways of advertising and promotion are too expensive to use often. Small business owners often must be creative in their marketing efforts and find ways to squeeze the most out of every dollar.

Low-Cost Promotion Ideas for a Small Business

Once you know your promotion budget, it is time to find marketing ideas that will work with little monetary investment. Depending on where you can find potential clients, there are several methods that cost very little.

  • Joining local business organizations to network is one of the most effective methods of prospecting. You can extend your network to help you find new clients. Often this cost for this type of promotion is your time and a set of business cards.
  • Joining niche clubs or organizations is another networking avenue although less formal. By letting like-minded people know about your business, you can help find customers interested in your wares.
  • For a small amount of money you can promote your business on social media. Promotion can be started out for free, then expanded for a small investment. Once you determine your best social media sites to target, you can focus your attention on marketing to specifically targeted audiences. You can choose from an array of interests and other demographics to narrow down your search.
  • Pay Per Click advertising on the internet is available through search engines and other services. These ads can be purchased with your budget as a guide to keep your cost down. You control how much or little you spend.
  • Simple ideas such as wearing a t-shirt to promote your company or driving a vehicle with your company’s logo and contact information helps put your company’s name in front of people for a nominal fee. You can design clothing on print-on-demand sites for a low fee and upload your own art and text.
  • Online landing pages are very effective at driving people to your website as prospects and customers. This method is a bit more pricey as you need to create the landing page and advertising, but you can easily control the spend.
  • Hosting a booth at a trade show can also be extremely effective for a relatively low cost. For this promotion to work properly, you need to choose the best trade shows for your business and be prepared to collect contact information and follow up immediately afterwards.

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