Tips and tricks of adjusting to the school year as both a graduate degree candidate and a parent

Getting an MBA is a great way to get ahead in your career as well as in your life. The lessons you learn will be invaluable, but you may wonder how to balance your school work with your parental responsibilities. Use these tricks to keep all aspects of your life in check.
Find your Work-School-Life Balance
Your responsibilities at both work and school are each important, and if you’re employed, that’s still more to do each day. The key to balancing them all is to set priorities. Understand what each of these sections of your life will need from you and make sure that they don’t adversely affect the other. Make sure all of your home life isn’t sacrificed to school work. Ensure that you do your best at your job and don’t try to do school work when you’re there.
Back to School- For Both of You
Now that it’s back to school season, you may have more time for your own school work. If you aren’t working during your kids’ school day, this will give you plenty of time to get your own schoolwork done while they’re at school. If you’re working during the day, set aside some time in the evenings for you and your child to do your homework at the same time. That way, you’ll both get it done, and you’ll have some uninterrupted homework time.
Balance Your Course Load
Being attentive to your child will make it difficult to take many tough courses at once. Keep your schedule balance by taking one of the hardest courses along with some that are less challenging so that school won’t take up all of your time. With a balanced course load, you also won’t have to worry about falling behind in your studies because of an aggressive school schedule. 
Remember to Take Time for Yourself
A parent who takes some “me” time will be more fulfilled and ready to spend time studying and taking on parental duties. Schedule some down time each week to take care of your own needs. This will keep your busy schedule from getting overwhelming. With plenty of balance and forethought, it’s possible to take care of all of your responsibilities and to get ahead in life and in work. 
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