Five Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

It takes time to get that interview that you want. Therefore, once you get there, it is crucial to avoid making common interview mistakes. The interview is the best time to make an impression on your potential new boss or the human resources department, and you want to make a good one. Here are five common interview mistakes to avoid.

1. Being Unprepared

Interviewers will agree that it is frustrating to interview someone who knows nothing about the company or position he or she is applying for. Learn as much as you can about the job before you go from other employees, researching online, or in the news. You should be able to discuss what the company does in general terms before you go. Part of being prepared is knowing answers to standard interview questions, getting to the appointment on time, and wearing appropriate clothing.

2. Seeming Uninterested

If the interviewer thinks that you aren’t interested in the job, then they won’t hesitate to cut you from the list of potential employees. Ask questions about the position and the company that show you have done your research and want to learn more. Engage with the interviewer. Before leaving, ask about next steps in the search process.

3. Too Much Information

Offering too much information wastes time and can make an interviewer uncomfortable. They are looking for a new employee that will be easy to train, eager to work, and fit in with the company’s employee standards. Refrain from bringing up irrelevant personal details that your potential employer doesn’t need to know when evaluating someone for a job.

4. Leaving Your Cell Phone On

During your interview, you should be concentrating on the interviewer. Looking at your phone or receiving unmuted notifications breaks the rapport that is built during the interview. If you need to monitor a situation from your phone, it is best to turn that job over to someone you trust while you are interviewing.

5. Inappropriate Behavior

An interview is the wrong time to make innuendos or flirt. You should present yourself professionally through your language, behavior, and body language. Speak professionally. Show confidence. Act as if you are on the job while interviewing. Show your potential employer who you will be if they hire you.
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