How to Balance Wearing Multiple Hats in Your Small Business

One of the most difficult parts of being a small business owner is that you have to wear multiple hats pretty much every day. The old joke about a business owner being “chief cook and bottle washer” is all too true. Small business owners are responsible for every part of their business including janitorial services, customer service, and accounting. So, how do you balance wearing multiple hats without completely burning yourself out?

Know When to Delegate

No business owner knows how to do everything. Knowing yourself well is an asset as a business owner. It shows true leadership to admit that there are skills you don’t have nor the time to learn them. If you are a mediocre accountant or you just don’t have time to take care of your books, then hire a qualified contractor to manage them for you. An accounting expert can get the work done in less time with fewer errors. When you contract out work that is not your core business, you gain time to pursue business growth and development in your area of expertise.

Train Trusted Employees to Help

Once you hire trusted employees, you should train them to back you up in essential duties and skills. You don’t have to do everything yourself. It is tempting to micromanage all of your staff because you know how to do things your way. But by training others, you will find that there are other ways to accomplish your goals. You can create a strong team that will be able to support each other and find creative ways to grow and build.

Take the Time for Self-Improvement

You cannot grow a business if you yourself stagnate or get worn out. Schedule time to attend a seminar or earn an online degree that’ll advance your current skills. Earning an online degree and attending relevant seminars teach you new skills and also help spark ideas. You can also network and learn from your peers at training seminars and classes.

Take Time Off

If you are burnt out, you can’t inspire your employees. Take time off and insist that your staff do the same. Relaxing your mind and body during time off will reinvigorate you and keep you fresh and excited about your business.
Finding a balance as you wear different leadership hats requires a lifestyle change. By making a few changes to the way you approach your business, you may find that you can do everything you’ve set your mind to. Make your next move with Georgia College’s online MBA. Learn more about the benefits of an MBA here.

Tips for Retaining a lot of Information More Effectively

Studying towards an online degree requires effective and efficient study habits that ensure that you retain the information you are learning. If you learn good study habits, you can carry these habits to your work life for seminars, research, and project management. Not everyone learns and retains information the same way. If you are not sure what kind of learner you are, the best place to start is by using multiple methods to learn. You can hone your tactics later.

Using Multiple Senses

Most people are sensory learners. The most common senses that people focus with are sight and hearing. However, if you can use more than one sense while learning, you are more likely to retain information better. Some combinations are taking notes by hand (tactile and visual senses), recording classes to listen to again later (auditory sense), and creating visual cues such as flashcards or symbols to refresh your memory (visual sense). Although many people take notes on their laptops nowadays, it might not be the best method for retention.

Organizing Your Notes

Most students improve retention when they organize their notes. It is helpful to either take notes in an organized fashion, or rewrite them in an outline form within 24 hours of taking the first set of notes. Reorganizing them within 24 hours keeps them fresh in your mind and helps you categorize them in a better way for you to access the information.

Teach It to Someone Else

Collaborating in a study group can often help you just by giving you the opportunity to explain information to another student. Explaining to them helps cement the knowledge in your own mind.

Create a Dedicated Study Space

Some students find that they concentrate better in a designated study space in a quiet room. Other students like background noise or music to help them focus. You may find that a study routine helps get you focused. Find what works best for you and keep on doing it.
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