Tips to Fit Graduate School into Your Busy Life

Getting a graduate degree is a worthwhile and often necessary step to moving up in your career.  However, fitting classes and classwork into your already busy schedule can be daunting. If you are working full-time and have a family or an active social life, how do you add more? Many graduate students go to school while they are currently working in an existing career. The key is organization and some help from friends, family, and your employer.

1. Decide how long you want to spend in school.

School can be completed quickly or over a period of time. You can decide how quickly you want your graduate degree, and make decisions based on your schedule. If you want to get done in a year, you will likely have to give up most of your other activities and go to school full-time year-round. If you have plenty of time to complete school, you can take one class per semester until you are done. Most people find a compromise somewhere in between these two extremes and take two classes a semester while working.

2. Find out where help is available.

Working and going to school means a lot of your schedule is filled. You might need to rely on other people to help you out with babysitting, house cleaning, or even your job. You might find that your employer is willing to count your school time as work time or that your human resources department has a program for graduate students. Ask at your church, community center, school, and family gatherings for help when you need it. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

3. Take advantage of online classes.

Most graduate schools have online classes for students to help with scheduling issues. You can do the work online at your own pace in the quiet of your home. Online classes give students the opportunity to work when they have time, even if that is late at night or early in the morning.

4. Look for programs to work with a mentor.

Graduate schools often have excellent programs pairing students with mentors in their area of expertise. A mentor can help you prioritize your schedule and help you discover which of your goals can be put on hold until your schooling is completed.
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Small Business Success

It seems like the only time you hear about a small business is when something goes wrong. There are plenty of stories out there as to why someone didn’t make it, and when you are thinking about launching your own small business, it is often difficult to look past these cautionary tales and believe that you will somehow be the exception.
However, you wouldn’t have to be the exception to see your small business succeed. Although a number of small businesses are unsuccessful, others do succeed. With the right combination of factors, a start-up can succeed.
Here are a few examples of small business stories that should inspire you to take a risk and see what you can do:

  • Who says that you need to have years of experience in a certain background to be successful on your own in that area? There is a success story about the launching of a popular bar in Atlanta. A teacher who always worked in restaurants part-time to supplement her salary thought she could run her own bar just as well as the competition around town, and took a risk and opened up her own restaurant over summer break. By the time the first day of school came around, her bar was thriving. Five years later, that now former teacher has opened up her second restaurant, and is considered a local entrepreneur worth knowing.
  • Being a “Jack of all trades” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an “ace of none,” either. One small business owner in South Carolina found that his diverse background actually made him a perfect candidate for marketing tasks, and launched a web-based internet marketing firm that specializes in connecting prospective patients with the best doctor for their needs. He and his wife quit their jobs as nurses and started working with doctors they’d met over the years to bring their business from something they did part time at home to a full scale operation with an office and a room full of employees.

Success in small business all depends on the goal that you make for yourself. Your small business can be something you do part time, or something that redefines your career. One important factor that will make your small business succeed is the determination you have to see your goals all the way through. By staying focused on the way you approach your business, you may find that you can do everything you’ve set your mind to. Make your next move with Georgia College’s online MBA. Learn more about the benefits of an MBA here.