What Happens When You and Your Partner Want to Earn a Graduate Degree?

There’s no doubt that a graduate degree has some serious value — in fact, MBAs earn an average of $27,000 more than people who only have a bachelor’s degree. By going back to grad school to earn that degree, you can dramatically improve your life — but what happens when both you and your partner decide to do this at the same time? Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your partner ease into the transition and navigate it successfully.

Make a Cooperative Schedule

While you both want to go back to grad school, your schedules are likely to be quite different. If you’re both planning to obtain your graduate degrees at a brick-and-mortar school, you’ll need to make a “master schedule” that lists your class times and days. If you have certain responsibilities at home such as kids or pets, this master schedule can be crucial in making sure that their needs are met.
If you both plan to go with an online graduate degree program like that offered by Georgia College, planning the cooperative schedule is much easier. Online classes generally have more flexibility, and you’ll both just need to block out regular time for schoolwork when it makes the most sense in terms of juggling other responsibilities.

Make Meal Planning Easy

Whether you do all the cooking, your partner does the cooking, or it’s a shared responsibility, you may need to make some meal adjustments when you both are striving for a graduate degree. Meal prep is your friend when you’re leading a busy life, and it can save you hours of shopping and cooking time every week. Once a week, plan out the schedule of meals for the following week. Make a grocery list of everything you need and stick to it — it’s much quicker and easier than random food shopping every day or two. Block out a few hours at least once a week to prep meals. You can do the time-consuming stuff, like chopping up all the ingredients, a few days in advance, and you can even make whole meals ahead of time to put in the freezer. After a day of work, school, and other responsibilities, it will be important to both you and your partner to have meal times be easy and relaxing!
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