How to Leverage International Experience for Business School

International Experience
We live in a global society, and attempting to ignore the implications of what that means is naïve, especially when it comes to making the right business decisions. Corporations want employees who know how to manage business on a global scale, and more and more often business schools are even looking for candidates who have some level of global experience. When you are young and looking to find your place to get started in the business world, using whatever experience you have at your fingertips to build your resume is the right choice. Often, this means using travel experiences like internships and study abroad programs to showcase your awareness of global issues and cultural values.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your career when you apply to business school. There is always something that you have experienced in your life that has shaped your choice to move forward in this field, and there is always something more that you can learn. You have something to offer in your candidacy to earn your business degree, and you need to make sure that you are showcasing that experience appropriately to give yourself the best odds at acceptance.
The trick to building your resume to improve your credentials is to leverage your international experience as you apply to business school. Mention every trip abroad in the context of shaping a global learner. When was your first trip overseas? Was it with your family on vacation, and therefore a life-shaping experience that defined your internal values? Or was it a study abroad trip in school that challenged your perception of what it means to be in a classroom?  Whatever your experience was, you need to use that experience to your advantage. Explain how this experience shaped your knowledge of global values and that you want to build off of this experience to become a global agent for corporate success.
If you’ve never stepped foot outside your own zip code, you can still use personal experience to showcase your global awareness. What experiences have you had that have shaped your knowledge of different cultures and global values? Have you had a pen pal (or online pal) that lives in a different country? Do you read the international news regularly? Have you studied global cultures to any great extent? Use whatever experience you have to build your international credentials. Awareness of international sensibilities is going to be a huge help as you are applying to business school.
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