Stay or Move On to a New Place? Job Options After Obtaining Your MBA

You have spent a lot of time and energy to establish yourself as an employee at your current workplace, but now you have obtained an online MBA through Georgia College. You have the new degree, knowledge, and credentials to move on to an entirely new career with potentially great rewards, but, should you?
It’s important to leverage your new graduate degree to get the greatest return from your hard work, and sometimes that can best be done with your current employer – but not always. Before making a decision yourself, it is best to consider the pros and cons of both staying with a current employer and seeking a new job with your new MBA.

Pros and Cons of Staying With Your Current Employer After Earning an MBA

Pro: It can be easier to “rank up” the job ladder in a place that knows you and your skills. These people have worked with you. They know who you are and what skills you bring to the table beyond your MBA.
Con: You may have better-paying options elsewhere and better opportunities to negotiate pay. It is rare for someone to gain an MBA and stay with their current employer because of this.
Pro: You get to stay with the co-workers that make you comfortable. It can be emotionally beneficial to get to work with people who you enjoy being around.
Con: Expectations of co-workers you know can be problematic if you move to a higher position within the company. For example, if you go from an hourly employee to a manager, some employees can have a problem with the new supervisory outlook you must have.

Pros and Cons of Moving On to a New Employer After Earning an MBA

Pro: You can completely refocus your efforts to establish yourself as a professional. Sometimes, that is hard to do in a place where you have an existing reputation.
Con: Not knowing anyone within a company can make it harder to land positions. Every job candidate is a new face to employers, so they have to assume a lot of things about your capabilities.
Pro: You get better opportunities to negotiate your pay if you do not know the new employer. It can be a little harder to be a stiff negotiator with people you know.
Con: Having to leave what is familiar is hard, and sometimes it is better emotionally if you can stick with familiar people. In some cases there is reduced pressure on your current employer to negotiate a higher salary with you because they know you must undergo the expense and stress of a job change in order to leave them.
Take the time to consider your options after gaining your MBA, and be sure you’re leveraging your skillset as best you can for your career. Make your next move and contact Georgia College for more information about gaining your MBA online.