Reasons Why Excuses for Not Going Back to School Aren't Valid

Deciding to go back to school is a huge commitment to make. Most of the time, there are a handful of excuses that keep people from taking the necessary steps to continue their education and making the next move with their career. Here’s a look at some of those excuses, and why they shouldn’t delay anyone any longer from pursuing an online graduate business degree.

Excuse: You do not have time.

Don’t forget that some online graduate programs do not have a residency requirement, thus reducing the time commitment for days out of the office. Pursuit of an online degree allows you to do the coursework in your own time; some degree programs even offer coursework that can be completed at your own pace. Whether you have just a few minutes a day or certain days of the week to do your work, you can find a program that fits into your schedule.

Excuse: You’re too old to go back to school.

According to U.S. News, most college students these days are over 25 years of age. There is no age limit on when you can go back to school and obtain a degree, so there is no reason why you should feel like you will be out of place among your classmates.

Excuse: You don’t have the funding to go back to school.

Finding funding to help you pay for higher education is just as easy when you are an adult as it is when you are fresh out of high school. There are multiple financial aid programs available to help even adults go back to school. You can find out what you qualify for by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. There are multiple state-level programs available in most states, and a lot of prospective college students will qualify for federal aid in the form of grants or loans to help them cover the costs of tuition.
At the end of the day, going back to school to obtain a degree can completely change how the rest of your life looks, what your career prospects are, and even how content you are with your financial status. Make sure you’re not letting these common excuses get in the way of making a change for the better. Reach out to Georgia College for more information and make your next move today.