Best Ways to Showcase Your MBA Status on Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your MBA degree is something you’ve worked hard to obtain, and it is a credential that many prospective employers will be looking for on job resumes and applications. You will want your credential to be front and center, but you also do not want to overdo it. Here are a few tips to help you emphasize your MBA on your resume and cover letter.

Include Your MBA In Your Education in the Proper Way

Yes, you have obtained your MBA, but your path to get that degree included other steps in the educational process. Make sure you properly list your MBA, the school where you received it, and when you achieved the degree in your education. However, you should also list the other steps in the process at other schools or even at the same school. The degrees you have achieved should be listed in reverse chronological order with your MBA at the top.

Mention Your MBA In Your Cover Letter

The cover letter is the first thing a prospective employer sees about you, and it can be the single thing that sets the stage for how your resume is reviewed. Therefore, it is best to mention your MBA in your cover letter. It should not be the first thing you say, but it should be mentioned early on. This will encourage the reader to look for more details regarding your MBA as they look over your resume.

State Skills Relative to Your MBA in Skills Listings

You have an MBA, which makes you a certified professional in business administration for sure. Make sure the skills and interests you list on your resume are associated with your MBA. For example, some skill sets you may mention include:

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Leadership skills and attributes
  • Communications skills
  • Networking understanding and know-how

The more your skills match your MBA credentials, the more highlighted that degree credential will be in the eyes of someone reading over your job resume.
Your MBA sets you apart in the eyes of employers, so make sure you know how to showcase it well. Talk to us at Georgia College for more information about our online MBA programs so you can set yourself apart on job applications.