Tips for Handling Challenging Professors While Obtaining Your MBA 

Young woman studying at home late at night, she is reading a book and connecting with her computer, learning tips for handling challenging professors while obtaining your MBA.
Earning your Georgia WebMBA at Georgia College and State University can open professional doors and make it easier for you to reach your career goals. While you will find most of your professors to be helpful and engaging, occasionally you might run into one who offers a real challenge.
Whether the difficulties arise from conflicts in personality, opinion difference about practices in the classroom, or differing expectations, there are strategies you can use to help you succeed in these classes.
Here are just a few tips for handling challenging professors while obtaining your Georgia WebMBA.

Connect with other students

Speak with people who take the class to see if they have similar experiences with the professor. You may find that simple changes in your study and work habits offered from your fellow students can help you have a more positive experience with the professor.
Connecting with your classmates can also help you form a study group, as study groups can provide great motivation for remaining on task when studying for big exams. Working with various personalities can also help you uncover potential ideas that you might have otherwise overlooked. This suggestion will be easier to implement in the Georgia WebMBA since it is cohort based.
Also, speak with people in your program who have taken classes with this professor in the past. They might have valuable insight into how to prepare for exams or how to really stand out for projects and presentations. You can use this information to adjust your study habits and gain a positive reputation in the eyes of your professor.

Communicate with Your Professor

Some professors have significantly different expectations than others regarding the quality of the work produced and the level of difficulty of exams. This can make it much harder to succeed in their classes, often leading to feelings of discouragement. It can even make students believe that the teacher is overly demanding in their grading practices.
One of the best remedies for addressing expectations is working with the professor during their office hours. Communicate openly with the professor and let them know that you want to succeed in their class. Many professors will want to help students perform better when they see the dedication from the student.
In addition, office hours can offer great opportunities to review important material covered in the last lecture. It also can provide you with guidance on studying for exams and the chance to review your progress on class projects before the due date.

Speak with Your Advisor

If the professor is seemingly inflexible in their practices, speaking with your advisor can help. They may have had other students who experienced similar situations with this particular professor and can help you develop a concrete plan of action to succeed.
If the professor’s expectations are not something you can manage right now with your other classes and life responsibilities, you can also discuss how to best navigate your struggles with your advisor. They can help you plot the best course of action to maintain a strong academic record as you pursue your WebMBA.
The professors during your WebMBA program will offer you some incredible knowledge and insight that will change the course of your future professional path. Sometimes, however, dealing with difficult professors becomes part of the situation. Understanding how to navigate these challenging moments can help you receive an outstanding education. If you are dealing with a single, challenging professor, use the tips for handling challenging professors above the see how you might be able to improve the situation.
If you’re ready to earn your Georgia WebMBA, reach out to Georgia College for more information and make your next move today.