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Not Able to Work Full-Time and Go Back to Class? Other Ways to Handle Finances for Your MBA

If you’ve decided to head back to school to complete your Master’s in Business, then the idea of working full-time while completing this degree may seem impossible. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep your current job while going back to school, you might be stressed out about how you’ll handle finances for your MBA. We’re discussing the top ways to do just that below.

Work Part-Time

Aren’t able to work full-time and go back to school? Consider working part-time! See if the company you are currently working with will allow you to pick up part-time hours instead of full. If that’s not possible, potentially start an entirely new career at another company with part-time hours.
You could also consider a job that gives you part-time hours at your own schedule, such as becoming a driver for a ride-sharing company or delivering meals through popular food-delivery services.

Partnership with your Current Job

We briefly discussed this above, but if you love your job and are concerned with how you balance both your career and your school work, consider communicating with your leadership to see if a partnership can be made. Maybe this means a day off each week, working from home more often, or flex time so you can build out more time for your assignments.
You might be surprised at how much your company is willing to adjust to allow you to stay. All you have to do is initiate the conversation, and the worst they could do is say no.


If you know you won’t be able to handle going into an office regularly for work, then consider freelancing. Especially for those who write or are creative, freelancing is a great way to work from home while also doing what you love. However, to successfully make a living off freelancing requires an abundance of work, effort, and time. This is especially true up front when building your client list.
But if this peaks your interest, start researching today how you can make freelancing a reality for you.


Most MBA schools will have a long list of scholarships you can take advantage of, especially the ones geared towards working adults. It’s in their best interest to make their program affordable for those who already work many hours, so make sure you do your research about affordability plans before committing to one school.

Reach out to Others

If you are truly struggling and aren’t sure how you will balance the finances, consider reaching out to your loved ones and family to see if they could help you reach this education goal of yours.
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