Young woman sitting in lobby with resume in hands and waiting for job interview, wondering about the signs you need a career change.

Signs You Need a Career Change

Deciding to pursue an online graduate business degree as a working adult and determining whether or not you want a career change are two life-changing decisions. Even if your current role is not something you enjoy, the pain of having to find a new job often discourages people from getting out there and exploring their options.
To help lessen the burden of thinking through the decision to stay or to go, we’re providing the top signs you need a career change while also discussing how earning an online master’s degree can help.

The Biggest Signs You Need a Career Change

  • Do you absolutely dread going into work every single morning? Do you especially hate the end of the weekend because it means that you’ll have to go into the office the next morning? Listen to that voice inside your head. It’s probably trying to tell you that you really don’t enjoy your current role and you need to find something else that’ll fulfill your passions.
  • Write down the list of reasons why you enjoy your job. Is it for a well-rounded amount of reasons? For example, do you like your co-workers, find your work rewarding, and can see yourself there in the next several years? If your answers look like this, then you should consider staying. If the reason for enjoying your job is simply because you get paid, that may be a sign for needing to move on.
  • Take a good long look at your mental health. Do you find yourself more often than not feeling depressed? Are you severely lacking in self-esteem? Since your job is where you spend the most time during your days, analyze if your job affects your mental health in a positive or negative way.
  • If your schedule only involves work and sleeping and you barely spend time with your loved ones or your favorite passions, then it means that your current role may be all too consuming. It’s great to find a balance in your life outside of work.
  • If you aren’t feeling challenged in your day-to-day responsibilities, then it’s time to find something that can help you grow. Remaining stagnant doesn’t lead to productivity in most cases.
  • How are your co-workers? Do you get along with them and your boss? Do they listen to your ideas respectfully and help you to better yourself? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you might want to consider moving on.
  • Do you feel like you are being paid fairly, or do you know you could be receiving more? If the answer is the latter, then you deserve to move on and find a job that will reward you accurately.

If you connect with these above signs you need a career change, consider going back to school to complete your master’s in business to set yourself up for success at your updated job.
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