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What's the Best Season to Go Back to School?

If you’re considering hitting the books and getting back to school to complete your master’s in business as a working adult, there are several small details to think through before you commit to making a decision. How to afford it, what to do about your work schedule, what sort of supplies you’ll need, and how to handle childcare are all questions you might be considering.
However, some people even like to think through what time of year they need to go back to school. Is there a certain season for going back to get your master’s degree that works best? There are downsides and benefits to starting school again as a working adult during each season. To learn what those are, keep reading below to understand what’s the best season to go back to school.

Start During the Summer

  • A benefit for starting during the summer is that this is a slower time for most companies, people, and businesses. Your calendar will be filled up less, therefore you might not miss out on as many life events while you’re working on assignments.
  • However, since children are out of school during this time, childcare will have to be arranged during the day as well as during the night.
  • In addition, the summer season is a time for vacation and being together with your loved ones. You may have to sacrifice some trips if you need more time to study during the summer.
  • Depending on your outlook, the following could be a plus side or a negative. Most schools offer condensed schedules and classes during the summer, meaning classes are shortened to a couple of weeks. For some, it’s great because it means less of a time commitment. For others, it can be stressful because it means more information to learn in a shorter time period.

Start During the Winter

  • Similar to summer, the winter is usually a quieter scheduling time for business and companies, unless you work for someone directly related to the holidays. Company meetings and trips grow less frequent during the wintertime, so plan accordingly to earn your online master’s degree if you don’t want to miss out at work.
  • However, taking classes during the winter will require you to schedule studying while also partaking in precious family holiday time.

Start During the Fall

  • The fall is when the largest number of students start, as this is the start of the normal school schedule in America. If you want to start on the same page as most everybody around you, consider the fall.
  • However, this might be a busier time for you, depending on your family and work environment. Be mindful of how much personal and work responsibilities you have on your plate as you strive to earn your online master’s degree.

Start During the Spring

  • While not as many students sign up during the spring as they do in the fall, this is another popular time for people to head back to school. Starting a new year back in school may help keep you motivated throughout the online master’s program.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to any season you start your journey to receiving your Georgia WebMBA from Georgia College. What truly matters is knowing you are ready to start. If you feel confident it’s time, then it’s time. Don’t let anything else distract you, including wondering what’s the best season to go back to school.
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