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Expand Your Leadership Skills With These Growth Activities

Everyone hopes that they are a good leader. You may envision yourself as someone who is always a great listener, supporter, and conflict resolver.
But being a leader takes a lot of hard work and constant learning. If you are hoping to improve your leadership skills, then keep reading below for the best techniques on how to expand your leadership skills.

Research What Type of Leader You Are

Nowadays, you may come across countless personality quizzes identifying nuances about yourself you may not know. While some of them may seem silly, some of those tests are fantastic at helping you understand yourself and your skills. For example, do you know if you’re an extrovert or an introvert? Or do you know your specific communication style?
The good news is that there are many tests for discovering what kind of leader you are. Here is a great example test from Psychology Today. These tests can help you figure out what works best for your leadership style along with areas you can improve on. Even better, you can take this information and communicate it back to your team, improving efficiency all around.

Further Your Education

Do you just have a college degree? Or have you never completed your GED? Take a look and see if it’s feasible to continue your education. Whether you have a master’s degree or no education at all, there is always a lot more to learn. And the easiest step to doing that is by finding your next degree to strive for, no matter the subject. Whatever you choose will have plenty of opportunities to learn about working and leadership.
Discover how the Georgia WebMBA, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Master of Management Information Systems at Georgia College can help you do just that.

Take Online Leadership Courses

There are countless resources available specifically for expanding leadership skills. Whether that’s online or through your local college, research your available options today. You’ll never know what might pop up. But make sure to pick an option that works best for your time, money, and team requirements.

Learn by Practice

One of the best teachers for any subject is experience, and this is certainly true for leadership. If you want to become a better boss or leader, volunteer to take on that role more often. Is a new project being set up that needs someone to oversee it? Say yes. Is a non-profit asking to hire someone to oversee their volunteer efforts? Sign up.
There are all kinds of opportunities out there waiting for you to step up.

Ask for Input

Not sure where to start with building your skills? Reach out to your team. Ask if anyone is willing to give you feedback on your leadership style. If you can handle brutal honesty, it would be a fantastic experience to discover what your team really thinks about you. It will also help with identifying areas where you can improve.

Keep a Journal

This may not seem like an obvious choice, but keeping a journal can really benefit your work experience and leadership skills. Make a point at the end of each day to record what worked well, what needed improvement, and any other thoughts or ideas that came to you throughout the day.
Writing down your thoughts helps you to organize them, implement ideas, and discover other patterns you may not realize in the moment.
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