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How to Make The Most of Your Next Semester Online

Many students are currently beginning the school year totally online, whether that’s children in elementary school or adults taking graduate courses. While this is a necessary precaution, it also comes with challenges.
Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your next semester online.

Follow These Tips for A Successful Online Semester

  • Take Stretches and Breaks When Possible: If you’re sitting at your desk all day, it’s vital for your physical and mental health to take breaks. Stretch your back out, get some steps in, and let your eyes rest from staring at a screen.
  • Focus on Your Set-Up: Especially if you’re also working from home, you’re going to want your office to be a welcoming place that makes you excited to go to school and work each day. Select a chair that supports your back and allows for height adjustments so you can be sure your computer screen is in your direct eyeline. Make sure your technology is up to date so it can handle the tasks you need it to. Finally, add some decorative touches to the space to ensure you enjoy the time you spend there!
  • Keep Connected: Just because you’re no longer face to face doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to stay connected to your fellow classmates or teachers. In fact, thanks to advances in technology, it’s never been easier to stay connected via our phones and computers. Set up a slack channel just for your class. Exchange numbers so you can reach out to each other other than when you’re on Zoom calls. Plan virtual study groups or happy hours. The resources are there for you to stay connected, so use it. When you feel closer with your classmates, school is more enjoyable, and you’ll have someone to turn to if you become overwhelmed.
  • Stick to Your Schedule: When you’re at home, it can be extremely easy to slip away from your schedule and enjoy your TV and couch. But we want to discourage you from doing that. It’s important to create a schedule for yourself to follow so that you still remain as productive as you usually are when you’re on campus or at a physical location. Create a schedule that allows you to juggle your responsibilities at home, your full-time job, and your class load. Break it down hour by hour, and don’t forget to schedule breaks like we’ve discussed.

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