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Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Small Business

  New business owners need to be budget conscious when promoting a small business. Therefore, many traditional ways of advertising and promotion are too expensive to use often. Small business owners often must be creative in their marketing efforts and find ways to squeeze the most out of every dollar.   Low-Cost Promotion Ideas for […]

Get Ready for Your Next Academic Year

  As you’re preparing to enhance your career by pursuing a graduate degree, be proactive when entering the academic year.   Most candidates start out with great goals in mind, but not great plans. You can’t wish your way to success, but you can plan your way there.  By preparing now and starting off with […]

Finding Balance in School, Work, and Life

How can you manage adding classwork to your pressured schedule? By finding the right balance, you may be surprised by what you can accomplish.   Making it Work: The Perfect World In a perfect world, all of your dreams would be sitting within arms-reach, side by side, waiting for you to make the most of […]

Most Interesting MBA Study Abroad Programs

  Who says going back to school needs to keep you in one place? Going for your MBA can be one of the most exciting and, yes, interesting times of your life—you just need to choose the right program.   In the age of social media, instant access to technology, and global news, it is […]

Georgia College professors Dr. Karl Manrodt and Dr. Donnie Williams featured in Supply Chain Newsmakers video series

  At the annual Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) conference that was held April 30 – May 3, distribution center study results were shared by Drs. Karl Manrodt and Donnie Williams from Georgia College and Joe Tillman, the supply chain research lead for metrics organization APQC.   The video opens with a surprising shift […]

Tips and Tricks to Finding a Job After Graduating

Getting through school is a major hurdle, but for many, getting a job afterward is another great challenge. When you’re finished with your degree, there are countless prospects out there for the job you want. The challenge is to find the right one for you.   Social Networking and Job Hunting Today, networking is more […]