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Recent Shows

Joseph Ducksworth

Dr. Joseph Ducksworth, graduate of the WebMBA program at Georgia College

How do you juggle your own medical practice while attempting to further your business career by getting an MBA? Dr. Joseph Ducksworth, an acclaimed oral surgeon, did just that. This week he talks with guest host Jon Waterhouse about why it’s important for physicians who run their own practice to have an MBA, the pros […]

Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose Harrill, graduate of the WebMBA program at Georgia College

This week’s special guest saw value in getting an MBA and decided go back to school in the midst of her career. However, as we all know, life happens. While juggling a job and Georgia College’s WebMBA program, Sarah learned her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the challenges, she made it work. Sarah Rose […]

Dr. Karl Manrodt, Professor of LSCM, Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business

As consumers in today’s world, we want our products yesterday. We often forget it takes logistics to store and deliver goods and services for the public. And there’s so much more to it than that. Dr. Manrodt, an expert in the field, sheds light on this specialty and what the future holds for logistics as […]

Georgiana Simmons, Avanos Medical, graduate of Georgia College’s online Master of LSCM

When it comes to going back to school and getting that business-related masters degree, fear can be a deterrent. Finding time amidst a busy life can be a daunting proposition. And this week’s guest did it despite being a single mother and working two jobs at the time. Georgiana Simmons, a project manager in supply […]

Alan Johnson and Dale Doss, graduates of Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business

So you really want that masters degree in business, but you think it might be too late. It’s never too late to go back to school, and this week’s guests are living proof. Both Johnson and Doss decided to go after a masters degree in their mid-to-late 50s. Despite some trepidation, they not only graduated, […]

Jared Powell, Center for Disease Control, graduate of the online MMIS program at Georgia College

What happens when you’re in the midst of earning your masters degree in business and the on-campus program changes into an online program? This happened to Georgia College graduate Jared Powell. Powell, who earned his Master of Management Information Systems degree, talks to guest host Jon Waterhouse about the differences between on-campus and online learning, […]

Hannah Zander, graduate of the online MMIS program at Georgia College

We hear it all the time. After snagging an undergraduate degree, many business professionals opt to go after a Masters Degree in the not-so-distant future. But why? What are the reasons behind it, and what kind of concessions will need to be made in the midst of adulting? And what about online learning? Zander, a […]

Wendy Lenz

Dr. Wendy Lenz, a Graduate of Georgia College’s Web MBA

They say a way to test a romantic relationship is by successfully surviving an IKEA shopping trip. What about interviewing your spouse on a radio show? This week Richard takes a stab at the latter. Dr. Wendy Lenz, a graduate of Georgia College’s online MBA program, spent more than 10 years as chief operating officer […]