Small Ways to Boost Your Business

If you own a business, then you’re constantly thinking about ways to make it grow, be more successful, and flourish. But sometimes you’re limited to the amount of time and money you can invest towards improvements. In those cases, everything counts, no matter how small your actions may seem.
If you’re looking for small, inexpensive ways to boost your business, keep reading below.

Simple Steps to Improve Your Business

  • Start a Blog: Wanting a way to communicate your expert opinion to your followers? The best way to do that is to start a blog. Plus, every individual blog you upload is a way to get your name out there on engine searches through best SEO practices.
  • Create Social Media Accounts: Another fantastic way to start conversations with others about your company is to create social media accounts. Pick which ones makes the most sense for your audience and then get posting.
  • Deploy a Newsletter or Email Campaign: If you have the email addresses of your customers, employees, and other potential people interested in your company, consider creating a newsletter. Third-party services like MailChimp or Constant Contact make it extremely easy and they look fantastic.
  • Update Your Website: Does your website have outdated information? Could your ABOUT PAGE use some sprucing up? This is an easy task that, at most, may take a few hours. But fresh website copy does wonders for bringing in new clients and customers.
  • Attend Events: Want to get your business’s name out there while also networking with other people like you? Events or conferences are the perfect way to do so!
  • Throw a Staff Celebration / Training Event: The perfect way to boost your business? Boost the people who work for you! Whether you help to expand their skills or just spend some time treating them and giving them the recognition they deserve, both are easy and well-appreciated lifts for you.
  • Take a Break: If you or your employees are feeling burnt out with the daily grind of maintaining your business, it might be time to take a break. Whether that’s through spending the day at home or going on an actual vacation, don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself and your hard-working staff.
  • Continue Your Education: This doesn’t have to mean going back to school for your master’s (though we always encourage you to do so). Simple, easy ways to keep yourself sharp and fresh is to pick up a business book, do some research to update yourself on best practices, or sign up for an online course.

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Stress Comes with the Job: Stress Management Tips

Balancing a full-time workload, being healthy, exploring other passions, and spending time with your loved ones is hard enough. What do you do when stress comes knocking, which it will inevitably do? Aside from stress being, well, stressful, if you harbor onto it long enough it can have serious physical and mental consequences.
That’s why it’s vital to manage your stress so it doesn’t take over your life. But that is easier said than done. We’re breaking down the best stress management tips so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Stress Management Tips

Here are our favorite stress management tips to choose from. Keep in mind that some of these may not work for you, but there are thousands of more strategies out there. Keep exploring until you find what works perfectly for you!

  • Work out. Doing so can help release the adrenaline and cortisol you’re holding onto in your body when you’re stressed. Working out physically makes you relax and escape the “fight-or-flight” mode.
  • Sleep more. This gives your brain the desperate break it needs.
  • Take a long, hot bath. It’s the perfect way to spend time on you while relaxing.
  • Writing down what is stressing you out can help give you new perspective and release any emotions you’re holding onto.
  • Speak with your peers, a medical professional, or your family. All of these are great options to help get feedback on what to do and can make you feel more at ease.
  • Practice saying no. Limit yourself to what you sign up for to help reduce stress now and in the future.
  • Write down a to-do list. This will help to make your tasks seem more manageable.
  • Make time to rest to help counter any stress. Aside from sleeping more, make sure to schedule in time to just be lazy. It could be as easy as sitting on the couch and watching TV, or maybe spending more time on hobbies you love.
  • Indulge in self-care practices. Taking time for yourself is the best thing to do when facing a lot on your plate. Go on a calming walk, treat yourself to a spa day — do anything to help slow your mind down and increase endorphins.
  • Manage your responsibilities. Asking your boss to help take things off your list should help you manage your stress levels.
  • Eat healthily, especially when you are stressed. It may be tempting to reach for your favorite junk food, but it will make you feel worse.
  • Avoid over-drinking. Similar to the above list, getting hungover will just make you feel worse.
  • Practice gratitude. Pointing out to yourself what makes you happy and grateful during a time of great stress will reduce the negative emotions swirling around.

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Ways to Ensure Your Employees’ Happiness

One of the keys to running a successful business is the satisfaction and happiness of your employees. But ensuring their emotions can be a tricky thing for any manager or boss. How can you provide that for your team, or what does it mean for your company?
Remember, above all, that actions speak louder than words. Rather than just saying you care about your employees’ opinions, take actions to show that you take their feedback seriously. If you want to keep your employees’ happiness at the forefront of all your business decisions, read the blog below to learn the best techniques to do so.

How to Make Your Employees Happy

All of the below techniques are proven ways to improve your employees’ satisfaction, boost work-productivity, encourage high-quality work, and make your company more successful overall. Include several of these in your company plans and see how they make a difference.

  • Schedule Team-Building Activities Outside of Work. Anyone can do trust exercises while in the office. Oftentimes, taking time to schedule after-work activities is much more effective. Not only are they more fun, especially if you choose options like bowling or going out for drinks, but it also doesn’t cut into valuable work time. Having to stop what they are doing to go do trust exercises can be frustrating for many employees.
  • Say Thank You. The simple act of saying thank you can go a long way. Show appreciation for all your employees do daily through small ways, such as writing thank-you emails or popping by their desk. It can become an easy daily ritual for yourself that has plenty of benefits.
  • Whether your employees knock their jobs out of the park or if they have major lifestyle milestones, take the time to plan a celebration. It could be as easy as bringing in their favorite treat to the office or it might mean dinner after work. Spread the love.
  • Recognize Progress. It’s also vital to celebrate the small steps. Maybe your employees haven’t accomplished a major task, but they have grown in their skills and made a significant effort towards the project on hand. That is certainly also worth rewarding.
  • Include Them in Bigger Discussions. All employees like to be included when it comes to major decisions of the company. Pulling in their voices when you have to make choices for things that will also affect them tells your employees you care about them and their opinions, which you should.
  • Discuss All Projects. Instead of just assigning projects based on your preference, also include your employees in the discussions. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind signing up to work on a particular project. Giving them the option lets them find the work they will be the most passionate about. Their answers just might surprise you.
  • Understand Their Preferences. Does a certain employee need a window with bright light to be happy? Does another prefer a way to separate themselves from their co-workers if they need to focus? Take the time to learn your employee preferences so that you can provide it for them.
  • Encourage Life and Work Balance. Your employees need time to rest, be with loved ones, and do their favorite things in order to produce the best work for your company. While you may want to do the opposite, encouraging a healthy work and life balance will be best for the long run for your employees’ happiness, work-quality, and success.
  • Consider Perks. In a highly competitive job market, having good perks will not only bring in more employee options, but it’ll also bring in the best ones. After all, if you treat your workers right, they will provide high-quality work for you. The best way to do that? Give them what they need. Good healthcare, a livable salary, flexible work hours, and PTO are just a few things to consider. Give what you can, and you will see the rewards flow in.
  • Have Open-Ended Evaluations. Just like you need to regularly evaluate your employees to ensure they are still on track, they should be able to do the same for you. Allow your employees to also give their thoughts on the company, their role, and how everything could be improved for them. It gives employees a valuable outlet to voice their opinions.

The best way to learn more about employee management techniques and leadership skills is by continuing your education. The Georgia WebMBA, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Master of Management Information Systems at Georgia College offers professionals the opportunity to make their next move by earning an accredited online master’s degree. If you’re curious about how we can work with you to help you complete your online MBA and expand your leadership skills, click here to contact us today.