5 Questions YOU Should Ask in a Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful. Not only are you being judged on your qualifications as they relate to a particular position, but your personality is probably under intense scrutiny to determine whether or not you would fit in with the company culture.

One of the more common questions that interviewers will ask is whether you have any questions for them. Sometimes this question comes at the end of interview, sometimes at the beginning, and sometimes not at all. Regardless of when the question is asked, you should always have a set of insightful questions that clearly indicate that you are not only interested in the job but you have already invested yourself mentally into being a great employee.

The following are five great questions you can ask during a job interview. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it is definitely a great place to start:

What is your favorite aspect of working here?
It is useful to get a sense of what other employees at the company find appealing so that you can determine for yourself whether you want to work there in the first place. This also gives the interviewer a chance to open up a bit, which can often provide useful insight into the company and the people within it.

What are the metrics by which my success will be measured in this position?
This question shows that you are thinking ahead and are interested in working toward the specific goals that are needed by the company. Don’t be afraid to ask for greater detail, as these metrics will be one of the most important measurements of your success (or failure) if you are hired.

What would be my top priorities in the first three months in the position?
Like the last question, this question shows that you are thinking about how to be an effective employee. It also provides you with a sense of what your job responsibilities will be right off the bat. Remember, the company is being analyzed just as much are you are.

Do you have any concerns or reservations about my qualifications or about my application in general?
Asking this question gives you the opportunity to address any weaknesses or holes in your application. Just make sure you have strong answers for your weaknesses ahead of time.

Where do we go from here?
Always close with this question (or a variant of it). It shows initiative and puts pressure on the interviewer to set expectations for the next step.

Taking these questions into an interview will help set you up for success in what hopefully becomes a fruitful career!

Seven Tips to Rock Your Next Job Interview

The job interview is arguably the most important step towards getting a job. If you have a job interview, it means you have already passed the first round thanks to your resume and cover letter, and it is now time to show the company exactly why they must hire you. Here are seven tips to ensure you give interviewers the best impression possible.

Research the company ahead of time

With Internet access and Google available to nearly everyone in the United States, there is no excuse for not knowing about the company ahead of time. Read any articles that have been published about the company, read any content they have on their company website and social media pages, and (if they are publicly traded) look at their financial statements.

Dress for success

How you dress is the first impression you will give to your interviewer, so make sure you look your best. If you aren’t sure how you should dress, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Practice common interview questions

While most companies will ask unique questions, there are several fairly common questions that are almost always asked. A quick Google search will help you find these, and you should have prepared answers for these before going to your interview. Even if those precise questions aren’t asked, they will prepare you for other questions as well.

Ask questions that show insight

Interviewers almost always ask the interviewee if he or she has any questions. Use the research you did on the company ahead of time to ask questions that show you have insight into the company.

Get to the interview at least 30 minutes before it is scheduled to begin

Traffic delays and getting lost are just two of the ways it can take longer than expected to get to your interview. Getting there early ensures that you have time to get a glass of water, use the restroom, make sure you look sharp, and collect your thoughts before going into the interview.

Remember that you are the product

It is important to remember that you are selling yourself during the interview. Don’t be ashamed to talk about your accomplishments; those are exactly what interviewers need to hear about to know whether you are the right candidate or not.

Remember to send a thank you email

Send a thank you email within 24 hours of the interview. Not only is this common courtesy, but it will also open up a potential channel for communication that could be useful in getting this or future job opportunities.