School Breaks Shouldn’t Mean a Learning Break: Tips to Engage Your Brain

For most students, spring break, winter holiday, and of course, the long summer hiatus are all times filled with rest, relaxation, and quality times with friends and family. These breaks are important to ensure you’re recharged and ready for all the challenges school brings!
That being said, if you aren’t working or taking any classes over these breaks, it’s important to take other steps to keep your mind sharp. Months off from learning can dull your senses, impair your decision-making abilities, and send you several steps backward in any higher-education goals you may have in place. Learn these tips to engage your brain during a school break!

Tips to Engage Your Brain

Keeping your brain engaged doesn’t have to be a boring, tedious task. By making it fun and exciting, you will find it’s easier to keep up the habit.

  • Online Tools are at Your Disposal; Don’t Waste Them: Thanks to modern technology, there are so many ways to engage your brain and keep yourself learning. Check out popular online learning platforms like Lynda or LinkedIn Learning. Scope your local area to see if anyone is offering online classes or visiting lectures. Do a Google search for classes involving your favorite subjects, whether that’s knitting or physics. There’s so much information out there waiting for you to grab it, so take advantage.
  • Schedule the Time to Learn: Just like you schedule time to work or to get in some exercise, you need to block off your commitment to learning. Whatever tactic you use should have dedicated space in your schedule to ensure that you don’t drop the ball. Putting a deadline on this habit will help ensure you actually complete it and continue to do so.
  • Plan Engaging Outings: Armed with your mask and hand sanitizer, use the extra time you might have during your break to visit places that will get your mental wheels turning. Museums, historical sites, and libraries are awesome examples.
  • Reward Yourself: Let’s face it. Learning isn’t as fun as other break activities like watching TV or spending time with family. You can use that to your advantage! Turn these fun activities into a reward once you’ve completed your learning for the day.
  • Read, Read, Read: Whether you’re on the beach indulging in a fun fantasy or sitting in your office and learning a new skill, books are fantastic tools to keep your brain fresh. Studies have shown that reading fiction improves your brain connectivity and function. So, pick up some books from your local library or head to your favorite bookstore and find things that make you excited to curl up on your couch.

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