5 Signs It’s Time to Get an MBA

Maybe you’ve been considering pursuing an MBA degree for months, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time. Perhaps you feel you’re overqualified for your current job, but are hesitant to spend thousands of dollars and put your life on hold to get a business degree. Deciding whether to pursue an MBA is a difficult decision, but at a certain point, you must decide: Should I take the risk and go back to school, or continue to be unhappy in my current situation? To help you out with your decision, here are five signs it’s time to get serious about your next move.

1. You want to refocus your career.

If you’re not happy with your career, don’t be afraid to make a change. It’s never too late to change your career path, as long as you have the means to do so. An MBA degree provides you with the knowledge and skills to refocus your career into any business field of interest to you.

2. You’re ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve outgrown your job and you’re ready to advance your career. Many careers require a graduate degree for advancement. An MBA will make you stand out among a field of competitive candidates vying for the same position.

3. You want to make more money.

At most companies, salary raises are sparse. When you’ve reached a point where you don’t foresee much opportunity for salary growth, an MBA can make a huge difference. In fact, MBA graduates earn an average of $27,000 more per year.

4. You want to develop leadership skills.

Leadership skills are necessary to thrive in any business environment, but they aren’t inherent; they must be taught, and an MBA program does just that. After receiving your MBA degree, you’ll be confident in your leadership abilities and feel ready to take on a management role at your workplace.

5. You want a quality education but are hesitant to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and put your personal life on hold.

If you want to receive a high quality, accredited MBA degree for a great price and without any interruption to your work or personal life, an online degree is the way to go. The Georgia WebMBA® offers students the chance to earn an MBA from Georgia College for about $21,000 – thousands less than other MBA programs. Plus, all of your schoolwork is completed online so you’ll never have to make any sacrifices when it comes to your job or friends and family.
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7 Advantages of Learning Online

Are you thinking about pursuing an online education, but can’t decide whether it’s right for you? Before you make a decision, ponder this list and discover whether you might benefit from learning online.

1. 24-hour access to course materials and professors

When you learn in a traditional classroom setting, your access to course materials ends when the professor finishes his or her lecture. Some college professors don’t post their notes online, so if something comes up and causes you to miss class, you’re out of luck. If you learn online, a crisis that might cause you to miss important lessons in a traditional classroom setting will not interfere with your online learning. Not only will your coursework be available at all times—so will your professors. You’ll be able to access them by email, rather than waiting around for their limited office hours.

2. Opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment

Many students feel confined and constrained in a small classroom, and being uncomfortable can affect how closely you pay attention and how much information you retain. For some, studying and learning in a classroom produces anxiety, and affects learning negatively. If you learn online, you can study where you feel most relaxed and comfortable – whether that’s your favorite coffee shop or right in your own living room.

3. Makes participating less intimidating

Approaching a professor in a crowded lecture hall can be very intimidating—especially when there are 15 people standing behind you waiting for their turn to get a word in with the professor. Having a computer screen in between you and your professor erases the pressure associated with face-to-face interactions. You can let your professor know what’s really on your mind without holding back.

4. Low costs, high payoff

Graduate school tuition at some institutions can reach astronomical prices, forcing some to consider whether it’s even worth it to pursue higher education. Fortunately, online education offers high-quality learning at affordable prices. Not only will you cut tuition costs by learning online, but you also won’t have to pay for transportation or accommodations. Of course, you will want to invest in an AACSB-accredited program to ensure you receive a high-quality degree.

5. Convenience and flexibility

Convenience and flexibility are the primary reasons people choose to learn online and for good reason. Most people can’t afford the luxury of taking two years away from their jobs or families to complete a degree. Many people have important responsibilities they cannot neglect, but that shouldn’t prevent them from furthering their education. An online degree lets you learn whenever it is convenient for you. If you have a daytime job, complete your coursework during the nights or weekends, or whenever you can set aside free time.

6. Greater freedom = greater self-discipline

Learning online allows you the freedom to set your own schedule, but with that freedom comes responsibility. You must assume accountability for creating your own schedule and setting deadlines for yourself. Doing so may be difficult at first, but improving your sense of self-discipline is well worth the efforts. Self-discipline is so important in the working world, and many job providers look for candidates who posses that sense of maturity and reliability.

7. Opportunity to acquire 21st century skills

As more and more people spend the majority of their workday on computers, knowing how to navigate the web and perform basic functions online are becoming crucial job skills. By completing an online education, you’ll become well versed in computers and the latest technology. Equally important is up-to-date course content and the development of distributed work-group skills. That knowledge can help you outshine other candidates in a job interview.
If the advantages of an online education sound appealing to you, consider pursuing the Georgia WebMBA from Georgia College. Ranked in the top-20 nationally in U.S. News and World Report’s “2014 Best Online Graduate Business Programs,” the Georgia WebMBA program offers you the opportunity to earn an AACSB-accredited online MBA degree at an affordable cost and without interruption to your work and personal life. Learn how to apply here and discover how Georgia College can help you make your next move.

Fast Growing and High Paying Careers in Business

Whether you are a recent college graduate, or an experienced professional looking to make a change, an MBA can be extremely useful when making your next career move. The job prospects for an MBA candidate are endless; it can often be difficult to narrow it down to one career path. If you’re considering pursuing an MBA, but have yet to decide on a career, consult our list of fast growing, high paying jobs in the business field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are predicted to be some of the most promising business careers in 2014.

Market Research Analyst
As we approach the height of consumerism, it is no wonder companies are employing experts to research and analyze consumer buying trends. Market research analysts convert complex data into information that companies can use to help them alter their marketing approach to increase sales. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analysts earned a median salary of $60,300 in 2012. The projected job growth between 2012 and 2022 is 32%, which is much higher than average.
Management Consulting
A management consultant provides feedback to companies regarding their business practices. They offer advice on how to cut costs, increase revenues, and improve their overall performance. In 2012, the median salary for management analysts was $78,600 and employment for consultants is expected to grow 19% over the next 10 years.
Marketing Manager
You certainly won’t be hurting for money in this profession. BLS reports that marketing managers earned a median salary of $115,750 in 2012. A marketing manager balances a plethora of responsibilities on a daily basis, and the job description varies among different companies. Generally, they are responsible for working with various departments within a company to carry out successful marketing campaigns.
Financial Analyst
Financial analysts are paid by their clients to provide them with guidance regarding investment opportunities. Analysts study business trends in various industries and develop investment strategies for their clients, advising them when to buy and when to sell certain stocks. In 2012, financial analysts earned a median salary of $76,950.  The employment of financial analysts is expected to grow 16% over the next ten years.
Securing a career in these fields may be difficult, as they are sure to draw in many talented applicants from a variety of backgrounds. Set yourself apart from other candidates by adding an MBA from Georgia College to your résumé. We know you’re busy so we offer our program online, where you can complete the coursework at your own convenience and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Check out our website today and if you have any questions, give us a call at (478) 445-5115. We can’t wait to help you make your next move.